Changes come on the wind…

The sky was lit on fire by the sun this morning. The red-orange glow turned the rocky tops of the Rocky Mountains the same fierce red-orange color. Made me gasp out loud. We have done some calming here in Brule. We have centered more, integrated more, and shared a lot of our stories. In the heat of the afternoon sun yesterday, we walked down again to the river to meditate on its waters – and how they are headed to Celina’s house in Ft. McKay.

There is an intimacy with a river that settles in when you have traveled along its course, a knowledge that becomes part of who you are – the richer for it, the wiser for it, because rivers have incredible wisdom.

As I sat on the deck after packing up, the weather changed. The gray chill began to descend on the mountains, and now it comes on the wind. Our warm days are over.

Changes come on the wind.

I’ll just leave it at that for now.

About the author: Margaret Swedish believes that we must not only live differently, we must be differently. More about Margaret’s work is available on her website Spirituality and Ecological Hope –

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  • Joan

    Maureen and all. I read the blogs, not every day or in correct order. thanks for the sharing. I was happy to know you met with Celina and Dr. John.
    I met people from Fort Chepwyn here and I’ve seen a video about and heard Dr. John. It is so sad that Canadians are at some opposing “positions” re what is going on. So often the response to concern is tar sands provide work! drives me crazy and how much more so folks like you and those who are suffering the consequences. wishing each of you enough.

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