Facing Truth – and Fear

I am behind in posting my thoughts…so this may appear out of synch, but the beauty in being behind is that I have been taking the time to journal and to be present, so am actually feeling very IN synch.  My cell phone died as well, seemingly knowing that this was exactly what was needed in order to support me in my pilgrimage 🙂
Our first days we traveled through national parks, slowly unraveling in order to reach the headwaters of our Athabasca.  AWE!  She unwinds from the ice…
What happens as she flows fromher headwaters, bound for the Arctic ocean?  I know that she must first pass through hell….and I fear it may break my heart.
In the park, a stretch of the Athabasca is designated a Canadian Heritage River – could we perhaps extend this designation to her whole length?
Both the Athabasca and we pilgrims have now left the protection of the park.

I write now from Brule, Alberta, an unpresumptuous mountain town sleeping alongside the mighty Athabasca. I will strive to listen to her fluid voice, to look even when it gets ugly, and to learn what I can as a witness to this journey.
Fears and questions fill me as we continue our journey…

How do we face the truths of our industrial ways, of the oil sands in this province when our livelihoods depend on us not looking at it all too deeply?  And our very lives demand that we do?  And much more personally, and much more scary, if I really do get still, if I let go of my email, my to-do lists and my racing thoughts, what might emerge?

About the author: Heather Hendrie loves life. She is grateful to have this time to ponder the mighty Athabasca in the presence of the other incredible pilgrims. She loves water, playing outside, bike parades, sunflowers and sun showers. More on her misadventures may be found at: www.littlemissadventure.com

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