from glacier to living waters

It’s early fall in the Canadian Rockies and I’m on an Athabasca River pilgrimage again this year, this time with Franciscan Sister Meg Gemar who is originally from South Dakota, and now in Dubuque, Iowa.

DSC_7509This is Meg’s first visit to Canada. It’s quite a way for her to be introduced to this land with its stories of ancient life-forms (we started in the badlands and Tyrell Museum), fossilized or transformed into fossil fuels.

We’ve seen the countless oil derricks dotted throughout southern Alberta farmlands, and have just travelled through the majesty of the mountain passes, their glaciers, falls, rivers and lakes … and witnessed Athabasca River in all her grandeur.DSC_7575DSC_7548


DSC_7733DSC_7659DSC_7689Today we encountered the river in four locations as we journeyed further north, and became aware, too, of the network of lakes, smaller rivers and creeks that merge with the Athabasca. Yes, she carries the waters of the melting Columbia Icefields and also numerous other sources along the way.  She carries life, fish merging with the waters, and wildlife drinking from her bounty.  We witnessed geese, elk, mountain sheep, coyotes, and mother black bear with cubs.DSC_7697DSC_7658DSC_7748

Stay tuned!

About the author: Maureen Wild, SC, M.Ed. is an international speaker, educator and retreat guide. Her focus is on Sacred Ecology – the weaving of spirituality, justice, ethics and Christianity with insights from new cosmology, ecology and contemporary theology.

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  • Thanks so much for telling (and showing) us about this important trip. What an amazing display of beauty already! I wish I was with you but I can live the trip through your eyes with your reports. Looking forward to following you. Many thanks Maureen and Meg.

  • You are an inspiration! Thank you.
    My prayers are with you for your health and stamina!
    Mary Elizabeth

  • Thanks for doing this and bringing your/our concern to the land and the people you are connecting with. You are in my prayers

  • Go Girls! Oil exploration in Canada is terribly damaging to the earth.

  • Debra Shogan

    I closely followed your first pilgrimage, Maureen, and will be very interested to read whether this will be a similar experience for you.

  • Gloria Filax

    I feel like I am on the pilgrimage with you both in spirit as I read your words and see your photos.

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