From MSF to MSF

I left Mt St Francis in Dubuque Iowa on the 3oth of August and arrived in Canada on the 31st.  To my great surprise and delight I found out we were staying at a retreat center called Mt St  Francis!

This MSF is run by Franciscan Friars who are very generous and hospitable.  And what a spiritual place to begin a pilgrimage.  The first animals we saw were 5 beautiful black horses, one with a white marking on her forehead that looked like a heart.

On September 2 we started our journey into the mountains to find the ice fields and then the Athabasca River.  There will be many photos  to add once I return home!

About the author: 44 years of high school teaching in the biological sciences. Masters in physiology from St Mary’s Winona MN and Earth literacy from St Mary of the Woods, IN. I have been doing presentations and retreats using the Universe Story and related themes.

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  • Thecla Cain

    Thanks, Meg, for your beginning blog. It is good to hear from you. Hope you are not too cold.
    This message is from MSF to MSF!!!

  • Thanks for sending us the cold Canadian air! It arrived this morning.
    Have you changed the answer to “Is This Heaven” from Iowa to a different response? Eager to see your pictures. Liz

  • Good to hear from you Meg. We miss you. All is well, however. Vietnamese Srs are delightful. Elvira

  • Marge Burkle

    It sounds like an adventure filled with so many great/unusual experiences. Thanks for your updates.Fall has arrived here. Stay warm and take good pictures. Marge

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