OK, We Are Here!

Athabasca meets McCloudWe followed the Athabasca for ten hours today, making our way from Brule to Fort McMurray. I am beginning to be able to pick her out from other rivers! We stopped at Whitecourt where the McCloud River meets the effluent from an paper pulp plant and then quickly joins the Athabasca. You can literally see the difference even in the photo.
We stopped at Fort Assiniboine where she looks pretty good and we picked Saskatoons, a first for me. We must have crossed her six times today, the last in the city of Athabasca before our long trek to Fort McMurray.  We have tickets to tour Suncor tomorrow at ten. “Help me to see what I must see, help me to be where I must be.”  (Prayer to Friends,  Carolyn McDade)

About the author: I am the ecology director of the Sisters of Mercy, Northeast Community. I worked with young children in Montessori and public school for many years and learned the cosmic story along the way from Virginia Barta, OSF at the Christine Center for Meditation in WI, Miriam MacGillis,OP at Genesis Farm, Chris Loughlin,OP at Crystal Spring in Plainville, MA and Carolyn McDade in the long journey of singing.

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