resting in beauty again

Yesterday we drove westward and entered the foothills of the Rockies once again.  There were frequent moments of resonance to the great beauty we were approaching.  I was reminded of something Thomas Berry would say about the human being coded or wired ‘for beauty.’  He would often tell people that if we lived on a lunar landscape our sensitivities about the Divine would be as bleak and dry as that landscape.  Thomas stressed ‘the wonder needed by human intelligence, the beauty needed by human imagination, and the intimacy needed by human emotions for personal fulfillment.’ 

It is Sunday and a day to rest, renew and commune in beauty – while also to gently be with the sadness that visits our hearts and ‘simply is’ – to remember, ponder, process and integrate a little more, to hold all in silence, prayer, a healing circle of love, communion.  It is a new day together, and also one filled with so much gratitude!  Our youngest pilgrim, Heather, is off horseback riding with a local group on this warm and beautiful day on the edge of the Rockies.

And related to ‘beauty’ and ‘revelatory experience of nature,’ perhaps you might have time this day (10 minutes) to tap into the wisdom of Thomas Berry, in a 2006 interview, as he reflects on these themes as well as ‘human relationship with nature, children’s needs for connection, and the rights of nature:’  Thomas Berry on Nature and Humans

Stay tuned for photos of our pilgrimage to be uploaded soon!


About the author: Maureen Wild, SC, M.Ed. is an international speaker, educator and retreat guide. Her focus is on Sacred Ecology – the weaving of spirituality, justice, ethics and Christianity with insights from new cosmology, ecology and contemporary theology.

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  • Miriam

    Thomas Berry’s ideas are straight-forward but challenge our status quo at so many levels. What hope for the revelatory significance of the natural world if we, and our political representatives, have nature deficit disorder and a definition of personal success measured in dollars. In gratitude for the counter-cultural wisdom seekers.

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