the sacred ‘river of life’

Our place of gathering, and orienting ourselves to the pilgrimage, will be St. Francis Retreat in Cochrane, AB.  Br Alfred, OSF, died on Aug 26th and will be buried at St. Francis the afternoon of our arrival, Sept 3rd.  It strikes me that all is a dimension of the ‘sacred river of life’ – of birth, life, death, rebirth.  Here’s a link to this special man.

About the author: Maureen Wild, SC, M.Ed. is an international speaker, educator and retreat guide. Her focus is on Sacred Ecology – the weaving of spirituality, justice, ethics and Christianity with insights from new cosmology, ecology and contemporary theology.

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  • Miriam Milne

    This pilgrimage to the tar sands to view the systemic injustice, may it help you educators move us into our right-brain universe consciousness, to make consistent choices in our own energy-intesive lifestyles. Peace.

  • Patricia Monahan

    Thomas Berry reminded us, “We must learn that the Universe is a communion of subjects and not a collection of objects. If we don’t learn that nothing is going to work.”
    Our future is inseparable from the future of the planet and the universe. What happens to the non-human happens to the human. What happens to the outer world happens to the inner world.”

    Thank you for this inspiring sharing of your river pilgrimage.


  • Simonne Macklem

    Thank you to all of you for undertaking this journey, and for sharing it with us here! I can only imagine the sickness of heart I would feel in doing such a pilgrimage, seeing firsthand and feeling the pain of our beautiful and sacred Mother being desecrated in such a way, and for what? I have heard Wade Davis speak, and seen photographs by Garth Lenz, both advocates for keeping the integrity of this area and for preserving the landscape for its own sake, and as home of the First Nations People there. I send light to you all on your journey. Be safe… Love and blessings from Simonne

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